Safety is our top priority. We intend to expand and improve upon safety measures already in place as well as advocate for new measures to address inadequacies in CU Boulder safety infrastructure. In order to achieve the policy initiatives outlined below, Ignite CU has proactively begun to work with student groups, city and university police, as well as the City of Boulder. To this end, we aim to help improve CU Boulder’s safety by enacting new policy in the following two areas:



University Hill Safety

  • Working in concert with the CU Emergency Medical Services Club, we will create a program in which fraternities and house parties are given the option to have a trained EMT student-volunteer present at parties and social events.

  • Allow students to sign up for a text-based alert system facilitated by a joint program between the CU Student Government and the Boulder Police Department that alerts students to events such as an active shooter on the hill, where the event is taking place, and the appropriate steps to take to stay safe.


Active Harmer Prevention

Ignite is teaming up with CUPD to make our campus safe from active harmers. We believe it is unacceptable that in the current national climate, our campus is not adequately prepared in the event of an active shooter. Our plans include installing locks and blinds in every single classroom on campus.