At Ignite CU, we believe in promoting participation in service organizations as a means of fostering authentic community on the CU Boulder campus. We know that when students are involved, they are more accountable, more connected, and become a positive force for good at CU. To foster a greater sense of community and improve involvement in already existing communities, we aim to do the following:


Promote Involvement

We pride ourselves on our community here at CU, and there is something for everyone to get involved with to make that happen. At Ignite, we want to ensure that you are adequately informed about groups you can be a part of on campus to improve your college experience and make you feel a part of a community that will hold you and others accountable in improving the university and your experience in the process.


Improve Access

We are fortunate to attend a university that offers so much to its students. We want to make sure you have access to research opportunities, honors college, highly competitive scholarship help, honors thesis writing, faculty apprenticeships, and independent research funding, in order to help each student reach their fullest potential.